Renewable Green Energy
Green energy is a relatively new term that is becoming increasingly growing into the mainstream. Green power is electricity that comes from renewable, clean sources such as wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, hydrogen and fuel cells, also wave or tidal actions.

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More and more people are calling for green power because it may be safer for the environment. Green power does not pollute the earth.

More and more people are willing to go the extra mile and invest in the green power. Green power energy will save them money in the long run and with prices going up these days on everything, it will be a great help on the wallet. With more and more people switching over, in the future there may be a reduced need for the electricity generation.

Wind and Solar energies have been in place for a long time. Solar energy has been installed in thousands of homes and businesses. A lot more people are interested in possibly changing over to solar because it is less expensive.

Wind energy has become more of a household word in the recent years. There are many types of wind power such as offshore wind turbines, onshore turbines. Turbines are a way to measure the wind velocity in certain locations.

Before switching over to any new type of energy, do your research and ask questions, you want to be as informed as you can be when it comes to running your home.

Video Feature - The Campus of the Future, Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Enthalpy Wheels, and Geothermal Heating
Newark Campus of Ohlone College and the green building components that they are using: photovoltaic solar energy, Enthalpy wheels, and geothermal heating. News package produced for Ohlone Network News

Featured Video: Equinox - It Runs on Water (Free Energy - 1995)

On Sunday, 17 December 1995, viewers in U.K. saw an hour-long T V. program which, at long last, puts across the clear message that "free energy" is on the way. A very interesting video, if anyone has an update on this, we would be pleased to hear about it

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