Is Biodiesel good for the Environment
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    Almost every product you can think of has itís good and itís bad parts. Biodiesel fuel is one of those products. Some people believe that it is great for the environment and others believe that it is not ready to be sold to the public. The benefits are many compared to petroleum-based fuels.

The biodiesel reduces the emissions of carbon monoxide by over 50 percent, driving down the pollution in the air. That is because the biodiesel emissions are from recycled carbon that was already in the atmosphere. The biodiesel also has a lot less hydrocarbons. With the biodiesel there is a 71 percent decrease in benzopyrenes.

It is proven that biodiesel fuel can reduce as much as 20 percent of the direct tailpipe emission. The fuel also makes up between 10 and 25 percent more nitrogen oxide that are the tailpipe emissions than regular petrodiesel. Biodiesel has a higher cetane rating than the regular diesel fuel and the benefit of that would be that the car starts quicker with the biodiesel fuel than the standard.

Lastly, biodiesel fuel is the only one of the alternative fuels to have completed the Health Effects Testing requirements that is stated in the Clean Air Act of 1990.
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