Wave Tidal Energy
     Green Energy
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    The ocean provides a great amount of energy. There are two types of energy that come from the ocean. One of them is the thermal energy form the sunís heat and the other is from the oceanís mechanical energy. The ocean spreads over more than 70 percent of the earthís surface making the ocean the worldís largest solar collector.

The warmth of the sun heats the waters surface and with the temperature difference this creates thermal energy. Though it is not a lot of energy being given off because the ocean is rather large, it does however give off some energy.

The mechanical energy that comes from the ocean is a little different than the oceans thermal energy. The tides and waves are sources of energy but they are mechanical rather than thermal. Thermal is like a heat energy and because the waves and tides have movement they are considered mechanical energy.

The wave and tidal energies from the ocean would definitely put them in the green energy power category. You canít get any more natural than the ocean. There is nothing synthetic or chemical about the ocean at all. The waves are formed by an action of wind that comes over the water and the winds then are the results of the different parts of the land. The waves are just forms of stored wind power .

The tidal energy is something else and should not be confused with wave energy. The tidal energy is energy that comes from the gravitational pull of the moon. The moon drags water around the world and it creates a pull from the moon, there by creating tidal energy.
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