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Biodiesel (mono alkyl esters) is a cleaner-burning diesel fuel made from natural, renewable sources such as vegetable oils

Biodiesel is listed now under the new green power energy. Biodiesel is the equivalent to diesel fuel but the bio means that is made from a biological sources not a chemical one. Even though it is not the diesel you see at the gas station, biodiesel fuel is good enough to put into your truck and it wonít pollute the environment.

A video about Bio-Diesel, featuring Daryl Hannah
Daryl Hannah is a leading proponent of Bio-Diesel (Diesel from veggie oil in her case) and she uses it to power her El Camino.

Biodiesel fuel is made of straight vegetable oil, animal fats or waste vegetable oils. Biodiesel fuel is biodegradable and is also non-toxic and safe for the environment. At this rate and biodiesel fuel will replace regular diesel fuel in the future. The diesel fuel that is in gas stations is dirty and a major cause of pollution. If everyone who drives a diesel changes over then the use of fossil fuels may reduce significantly.

Biodiesel fuel can also be used as a heating fuel for home and business boilers. This would also conserve energy and make a drastic change in pollution. That is why the all-new green power is being put out in the mainstream. Pollution has been a big problem especially here in the United States, if every country cut back a little then the greenhouse effect would not be getting worse.

Using the biodiesel fuel can reduce the airís pollution. It is also less expensive than regular diesel and can save consumers a lot of money. Thatís what it comes down to saving the consumer money and saving the environment.

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