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    Biomass is the energy production industry that comes from living biological things

But they have to be used as fuel or for industrial usage. The most common biomass energy is the bio fuel; it is considered green power energy because plant matter is used to make the fuel. Biofuel can also contain plant or animal matter as long as it is used for the production.

Letaba Citrus Biomass fuel switching project
The myclimate foundation has been awarded a tender by FIFA to offset the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by the 2006 World Cup -- making it carbon neutral. myclimate has selected two Gold Standard CDM projects to offset emissions of the world's largest sport event: one is a fuel-switching project in the Limpopo Province

The term biomass is generally used when referring to plant matter. Biomass energy may be biodegradable waste that can be burned into fuel. Any organic matter does not count because organics are transformed material it is not natural. Biomass is made from a variety of plants, for example hemp, corn, willow, sugarcane and switch grass. Notice all of these plants are naturally grown and are not chemically enhanced.

Biomass is a renewable fuel making it a green energy; there are still effects that can be attributed to global warming. This can be caused by the natural carbon is disturbed by the cutting down of trees or by something being planted over it.

Biomass is part of the carbon cycle and the carbon turns into photosynthesis. But the rotted and the carbon combustion goes back into the atmosphere and may result in pollution and as we said before global warming. Other uses for biomass include building material, biodegradable materials such as plastic or paper,

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