Geothermal Energy
     Green Energy
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    Geothermal energy is considered a green renewable energy. What is geothermal energy? Well, it basically the heat of the earth that can be used to converted to power plants for energy. Some uses for geothermal energy is for warm water for things like agriculture, bathing and cleaning. Geothermal energy is known worldwide but it is not widely used as a potential energy source.

In the Earth’s crust there is a geothermal reservoir of split rock that is filled with steam and hot water. In order to utilize the power of geothermal energy is to drill the rocks and bring the steam and hot water to the surface. This will allow the hot water to the surface and if the water doesn’t come up naturally then they will use a heat pump.

It is converted to energy by sending the steam and or hot water to the power plant and from there they direct the steam to a turbine or a generator thereby converting it to electricity. When the sun is shining strongly the heat is absorbed into the ground and when this occurs, scientist use a heat pump to convert the energy for space heating.

Though the heat pump need their own power to operate. But they create more energy than they use. All of the power that is taken from the ground can be used as renewable energy. This is one of many ways that the clean environment can create clean energy. This is what green energy can do, provide the environment with clean and renewable energy.
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