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    By using green renewable energy it can save the Earth from pollution and global warming.

The more pollution that is set in the air the more the atmosphere erodes which in turn causes global warming. Many Climatologists (scientist that study the earth’s climate) has admitted there has been a recent global warming due to the effects of greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide that are being released in the atmosphere from the conversion of these gases to electricity. But to be fair global warming also occurs in spite of human errors in the power supply they use. This means that any damage that is done to the atmosphere including, solar activity, volcanoes, greenhouse gases alone not used as energy.

More and more research has and is being done on an ongoing basis to determine what other causes are contributing to global warming. We know that by combining carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere will create some global warming. That is to say with nothing else added to them, imaging what they can do if combined with other gases.

The effects of global warming will have an impact in both the environment and in human life. Some of the effects on the environment will be a rise in the sea level; glaciers will melt playing a part in the rise of the oceans. The spreading of diseases will be something to definitely look out for. Because of extreme weather and the reduction in the ozone layer, more disease will be able to spread throughout the air more easily.

Other effects may include mitigation, the formation of miniature rock formations, biomass production will be effected and many other changes will occur. We as a planet have to stop and think of what we are doing to the Earth’s atmosphere and try to conserve on as much energy as they can. Every little bit helps, if everyone helps out even just a little.

My Name Is Earl and Global Warming
Check out a scene from My Name Is Earl where Randy drinks something that makes him see Earl as a clay figure plus a message about saving our planet

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