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    You have heard the phrase Greenhouse Effect maybe a million times in the last twenty-five years, but there is more to it than it aiding in the reduction of the ozone layer. The greenhouse effect was first notice by a man named Joseph Fourier in 1824. But it wasnít really explored until 1896 by a man named Svante Arrhenius. He discovered the absorption of radiation by the atmosphere that actually warms a planet.

If there werenít any of those greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide the planet would be about 30 degrees Celsius cooler that it is. The greenhouse effect really has nothing to do with actual greenhouses because planets like Mars and Venus have the same similar atmospheres as we do.

There are other terms that are synonymous with the greenhouse effect. Some other phrases you may have heard of are Global Warming, Climate Change and Reduction in the Ozone Layer. They all have the same symptoms and if we change our energy resources we can reduce the damage to all.

We can bring about change but it is going to take a united global effort. Scientist are working on new energy sources all the time and maybe one day they can find an energy source that will stop the damage that is already done to the ozone layer. Who knows what the world will be like in fifty years if this keep up. If you do your part and thatís all you can do, will help even if it is just a little.
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