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    Another great potential renewable energy is Hydropower. The energy that is created by the ocean has been used as a renewable viable energy for over a thousand of years. In the United Kingdom alone, about 2 percent of the energy that is being used as electricity is a result from hydropower.

Hydropower is the ability to turn kinetic or potential energy to power by using a turbine.

Here in the United States a smaller scale is used as hydropower. Hoover Dam is an example of hydropower. The Hoover Dam is not small by any means but it hydropower is not widely used here. Hydropower is the ability to turn kinetic or potential energy to power by using a turbine. A turbine is a huge windmill looking instrument that converts the energy.

Something called micro hydro is something that in the past has not really been explored. But with green power being a huge entity it is now being explored again. With a small generator it is possible to produce very small amounts of energy. There are some requirements for micro hydropower to work.

There must be a good amount of rainfall, a good amount of water pressure is needed. There also must be a water intake such as a dam or weir, a turbine and a generator, a flow control system too. The capital cost to provide hydropower is not cheap either. That is maybe why, without more research the micro hydropower has not been implemented throughout the country.
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